"The right plant for the right moment"

At Glob’O’Plantes Export BV we strive to deliver the right plant at the right moment. Many plants are not traded on their optimal moment and we want to make a difference in that. Because of our direct contact with the demand and the suply side of plants, we are able to react quickly on the newest trends and seasonal products. 

Glob’O’Plantes Export BV was founded in 2000 for the export of houseplants and gardenplants to France. For multiple generations, the family is active in the world of plants and because of that we bring a lot of knowledge in the field of plants. Our strength lays in the direct contact with the customer and grower. 

Pieter Möller, Director

Fast delivery
great quality
directly from the grower

Our way of working

At Glob’O’Plantes Export BV we make sure that the right plant is always ready for you. By keeping seasonal product up-to-date, the customer is always able to find the perfect plant here. Direct contact with our growers is making sure that we can deliver our plants quickly. These growers are connected with Glob’O’Plantes Export BV for many years and have a good relationship with the company. Because we obtain our plants directly from our growers, we are not working with a stock and always deliver fresh plants with great quality. At Glob’O’Plantes Export BV it is important to maintain a good relationship with our customers as well. We believe it is important to not see the customer as a number and to always be ready for the customer. Our sales channels are via our online store, phone, or the possibility to visit the customer on a fixed route. 

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